Capital Punishment Support on the Rise in CA, Though Questioned on Largely Economic Grounds By State Senators

This is an Associated Press article reprinted by the Ventura County Star on June 28, 2011. It describes in brief some of the grounds on which a few State Senators are challenging the capital punishment system in The Golden State. Click the image for a larger version that’s easier to read, then TAKE ACTION below!
AP article about capital punishment, clipped from the VC Star in June 2011

To contact State Senator Loni Hancock to express your appreciation and support for her actions and position:
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To contact State Senator Kevin de León to express your appreciation and support for his actions and position:
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To contact State Senator Joel Anderson to offer him a different view on “the price of justice”:
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Rep. Grayson’s “War Is Making You Poor” Act

Have you seen this?  Representative Alan Grayson of Florida’s 8th Congressional District introduced the “War Is Making You Poor” Act (Hr 5353), which aims to cut the Department of Defense budget and use the money to make the first $35,000 each American earns tax-free.

AlterNet says “Budgeting is all about priorities, and the bill can raise public awareness of that fact. The Right has done a remarkable job convincing the American public that tax dollars used for programs that help the middle class or the poor are dollars “taken out of your pocket,” but no such consideration is given to the trillions spent on financing our military operations.”

Think this is an idea worth supporting? Let our Congresspeople know.  Start with Elton Gallegly, and we might as well give Senators Boxer and Feinstein a heads-up too.  While we’re at it, let the President know this is hot!

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