• The Costs of War

    As of September 24, 2011

    6,257 American military killed in Iraq + Afghanistan. See other data at icasualties.org

    $1,254,293,000,000 - YES, THAT'S OVER ONE TRILLION DOLLARS - and rising (Iraq + Afghanistan, since 2001). Watch the counter at costofwar.com
  • This Week in Peace History

    September 23, 2007 - Dr. Jane Goodall created Roots & Shoots Day of Peace in 2004 in honor of U.N. International Day of Peace; each year, Roots & Shoots Day of Peace is observed in late September. Roots & Shoots groups around the world fly Giant Peace Dove puppets to celebrate Roots & Shoots Day of Peace for its symbolic meaning. They also plan and implement peace project initiatives to help make the world a better place for animals, the environment and the human community.

    Dr. Goodall was appointed a Messenger of Peace in 2002 by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. People selected as Messengers of Peace are widely recognized for their achievements in music, literature, sports and the arts.

    To commemorate her appointment, Roots & Shoots members at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point first conceived of and created the Giant Peace Dove puppets. Since then, Roots & Shoots groups have flown doves in over 40 countries around the world.

    Check out peacebuttons.info for more.
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Noble Peace Gets Some Press!

Check out the front page (and A3) from this morning’s Ojai Valley News!:
clipped article from OVN

We remain excited about the community’s choice of John Broesamle as the recipient of our award, and are gratified by his appreciation of it, and the connections made as part of the process! There were two significantly new features of the prize and process this year: first, that the nomination and voting process was much more transparent and open, and second, the inclusion of a cash donation toward the work being recognized, in order to use our community’s generous treasure to materially support said work. Below, two letters of acknowledgment and appreciation. This IS culture-changing stuff!

thank-you letter #1thank-you letter #2


NPP Voting Time!

The nominees for the 2010 Noble Peace Prize are in, and now it’s TIME TO VOTE!

[PLEASE NOTE!] In the spirit of “being the change we wish to see”, this is an Instant Runoff Voting system designed to give voters more choice, and wherein THE NUMBER ONE is your FIRST CHOICE. Some issues with the voting system have been noted: specifically, an error message that warns of the need for a “unique entry”. i’m working on fixing this. If you have voted but received an error, and are concerned about whether your vote was submitted properly, you can email me your IP Address and i can verify whether i’ve received a vote from your computer.

NOBLE Peace Prize – SO EASY!

Nominating your most beloved peacebuilder just doesn’t GET any easier than this! Nominations are open through Sunday the 5th, and then the public voting begins!

I’m ready to make a nomination!

2010 Noble Peace Prize Nominations Are Open Now!

Noble Peace Prize nomination print form Past awardees include Clive & Marion Leeman of the Ojai Peace Vigil, Tara Blasco & Lyn Hebenstreit of the Global Resource Alliance, and Sally Carless of Global Village School!
CLICK on the photo to print and mail, or nominate online right now.

Aug 28 Concert to Benefit VCCool!

Mark your calendar!

*VCCool’s Benefit Concert
Saturday, Aug 28th 7pm,
ZanZilla 2750 E. Main, Ventura

What a great way promote bicycle safety, local food, sustainable communities, public transit, green local economy, and more!

Informal seating, refreshments, beverages, and even a nice dance space – enjoy the evening, and be an important part of Ventura’s green movement.

Purchase tickets on line.
Every dollar helps us to fight the good fight.

Calling all Cooks! Please Help. We need yummy snacks for the event. If you can bring a pan of baked goodies, chips and dip, a backyard fruit plate, please call us ASAP at (805)648-1267 or email action@vccool.org

*VCCool stands for Ventura Climate Care Options Organized Locally!

Ojai Peace Vigil Changes to Summer Hours

from Clive & Marion Leeman:

Dear Peace Friends,

The Ojai Peace Vigil is changing its starting time to 6 p.m. next Friday, July 23, because of the summer heat.

Time To Vote!

It’s Voting Day! Do you know where your polling place is, and how you’re voting? As far as Propositions go, you might be content to follow the recommendations of the Courage Campaign, Credo Action, American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, California Federation of Teachers, California League of Conservation Voters, California Nurses Association, Calitics.com, League of Women Voters, and MoveOn.org: Vote Progressive June 8